About us

What makes a church, a church?  


It's the people in it. No matter the building, size, or budget of a church, we believe that the believers give it life. We're here for you, to be the rock in your journey with God.


What is the vision of the church? 


Our vision is leading Northern Colorado into discovering life in Jesus, connecting families to Him, and growing together as fully mature disciples.

What is the mission of the church?


Our mission is to be the church you need, by being involved, being invested, and being inviting.

How are we different from other churches?

We are different because no matter who you are or what you've been through, we want to welcome you with open arms. We love all of our congregation so much and we try to stay connected with each and every person.

our Staff:
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Matt Maiberger
Rodney Foster

Executive Pastor


Tom Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer


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Amy Maiberger

Student Ministry

Church Event Director


Janice Foster

Church Bookkeeper


Cat Colonna

Children's Ministry Director


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Rowan Maiberger

Social Media Manager


Shelby Hains